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December 31, 2011

What's up?

Hello there!

1 month old
It has been a month or more since I made an update to my blog. I have been very busy in my mommy career and office work. I have encountered lots of first times. Aside from being pregnant and giving birth for the first time, it was also my first time to carry a little new born child, first time to wipe baby's poop and also my first time to put a baby to sleep. All of these activities are difficult for me and should be learned through  process. I have to be healthy enough to handle sleepless nights and to understand baby's wants and need through crying. Things are very much different now and our lives became more meaningful.
Putting her to sleep

After a month, I decided to go back to work where tons of workloads await me. I have to go home right after work to spend time with Aika while she's still awake. Sometimes we put her to sleep until 1am and wake up after 2 to 3 hours for milk time and diaper change. I have to wake up at 4:30am to get ready for my early work. Busy as ever, but a ME time is always important and I never fail to look at myself in the mirror and think about my needs and wants once in a while.

Now this is motherhood. I may never do the same things that I used to do before but right now I feel a different kind of happiness and fulfillment of being a woman. 

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November 21, 2011

Giving Birth - My labor experience

Baby Aika - 12 days old 

Two weeks ago, I gave birth to my little Angel named Rieka Shaine Tamayosa also known as Baby Aika. After the delivery I got very busy taking care of her, trying hard to breastfeed her and all the adjustments in my sleeping and waking schedule. Motherhood is truly a wonderful sacrifice I’ve ever had.

It was November 7, 2011, 10:30 am when I was admitted to the hospital because I was 3cm dilated. At 12:00 noon, I was induced and was also given a Buscopan to soften my cervix. With my dextrose on, I still walk around the room so my tummy would drop off because the nurses said it was still so high. At 2:00 pm the resident doctor checked me and I was still 2cm dilated so my OB let me eat soft foods because they expect the baby to come out the next day or after midnight. At 6:00pm I was 6cm dilated and they sent me to the labor room.  I don’t really like it there because hubby can’t come with me inside to give me a massage so I have to do it myself. The nurses in the labor room were cool and we chat while I pause to do a deep breath in breath out every time the contraction attacks. The resident doctor checked me again at 7:15 pm and said that I was 8cm dilated. I asked the nurse to sedate me because the pain was so intense.   After the shot, I felt groggy and very sleepy. I slept for an hour and woke up in every contractions but it was mixed feelings of pain and being groggy.  At 8:30pm, I found myself in the delivery room and saw my OB with the resident doctor. They said I was 10cm dilated but I was curious what my OB was doing down there. She told me push every contraction but I can hear her saying that my cervix is coming along with baby’s head. So she’s doing something that’s really painful. I think she was pushing my cervix back so it won’t come out with baby’s head. That procedure lasted for almost 2 hours and then I heard my OB telling the nurses to do the preparations.  I was then asked to push again and then Baby’s out at 10:23 pm. I smiled after hearing my baby’s cry. I felt so relief and so happy especially when they gave my slimy baby to me J

1 day old
Baby Aika with my OB
When OB talked to hubby, she said she had a hard time because my baby’s arm was wrapped around her shoulder causing it to move the cervix with her every time I push.  The arm goes out with the head that’s why she needed to push back the cervix. It was ouchy but good thing I’m a good girl and I’m a good pusherJ. Also, the baby is just too big for me (6.8lbs, because I’m small) and I lost many blood just like having a c-section. But I’m glad I made it through NSD. And of course my OB was so cool and very good. Good job for both of us, and the nurses as well!

It was indeed a miracle. I still can’t believe I gave life to that little angel. I salute all the mothers because of the sacrifices and hardships of being pregnant, giving birth and raising a child. It was one thing I am so proud of and for me being a mom is a great achievement. 

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November 5, 2011

39 Weeks But Still at 1cm

Four days ago, I had another IE and I was happy to know that OB found a progress on my dilation. At least I got dilated for 1 cm after the hardship of walking and stretching over the long weekend. She even stripped my membranes and I had menstrual like cramps afterwards. She also asked me to take Eveprim (prime rose oil gel) that would help soften my cervix. When I got home I found some mucus plug and bloody show discharge and it lasted for 2 days. I also felt lower back aches, abdominal cramps and strong contractions such as hardening and tightening of my stomach. The excitement, worries and dread came to my sentiment. Just mixed emotions thinking that baby is coming anytime.

My over big tummy at 39 weeks! 
Well, not until today. My OB expects me to be admitted Friday or Saturday (and today is Sunday already) but I think baby has to hold it a little bit longer. She wants to prolong our excitement for another days or even weeks because true labor has not started yet.  It is still 3 days before my due date anyway.

There are signs that labor is near and I have to relate it with the symptoms I am experiencing right now:

Dropping/Lightening – You should feel your baby has dropped into the pelvis giving more pressure to the bladder and giving you more trips to the bathroom. 
 - - - The bathroom has become my BFF. So for me it’s a normal thing to go there often.

Bloody show/Loss of mucus plug – This is a sign that your cervix starts to thin and then mucus plug comes out.
- - - Yes, I've seen these came out already

Rupture or membranes/Water Breaks – When a gush of amniotic fluid comes out. When this happens, labor should follow soon.
- - - I think my water bag is still safe and fully intact.

Strong Braxton Hicks Contractions – When labor draws near, the Braxton Hicks contractions become strong and sometimes painful. It can also last up to 10 to 20 minutes.
- - - Yes I always experience this damn false labor!

Effacement – The thinning and stretching of the cervix.  This is determined by the health care provider and is measured in percentage.
- - - I don’t know how many percent effaced I am.

Dilation – The opening of the cervix. This can be checked during the internal exam and is measured in centimeters. At 10cm, you are already fully dilated which means you are ready to give birth.
- - - Well, mine is still 1cm the last time my Ob checked me. 9cm more to go!

So now I have to believe that patience is always a virtue. Though I feel pressure from other people wanting and waiting for my baby to arrive. I really want her out but she’s not ready yet. My boss even had his phone alarmed saying that baby’s out! But I’m glad because and I’m just loved by many. The best thing is that they are happy for me having a baby and having an addition to our family member. It also means that many of them are praying for my safe delivery.

Check up tomorrow!

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October 28, 2011

Pregnancy Exercise

From the day I started working from home, I felt the needs to exercise my body or at least stretch some muscles. At this stage I am having sleeping difficulties because my belly gets hard as rock and it wakes me up to make a little move or to change position. When I get up, I feel so heavy to walk whenever I need to go to my favorite place – the bathroom. J

Some of the exercises pregnant women can do are walking, swimming, stretching, squatting or even dancing. Just make sure you have to consult your doctor first before doing these exercises because there are other pregnant women with complications and thus they should just stay in bed and avoid too many movements for weeks or so.

For me, I go to you tube and look for safe warm up and yoga exercise which I do regularly to work out my body. Here are two videos that I recommend:

Pregnancy Exercise - Warm Up:

Pregnancy Exercises – Yoga

I also spend some time walking as advised by my doctor so the baby drops and then cervix starts to dilate (hopefully).

Having a regular exercise while pregnant prepares the body for easy labor and giving birth. It also helps pregnant women handle back ache, fatigue or even constipation with comfort. As for me, the feeling of being relaxed and energized after doing an exercise is a sort of relief from the heaviness and tiredness that I am bearing for months.

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38 Weeks And Counting

This is the point where my patience is being tested. My OB said, its normal for first time moms to reach up to 40 to 41 weeks before the baby comes out. I envy those mothers who gave birth on their 38 weeks because I can’t wait to see my baby.

At 38 weeks, I had my first Internal Exam with my OB. She said my cervix is still closed and I need to do more walking and exercise.  I also started working from home and I found it really boring. Im thinking of going back to work in the office next week after the long holiday but hubby would not allow me – but I would still insist. Let’s see what will happen next week because I am determined to tire myself out from walking before my next doctor’s visit.

Everything is ready except for my baby.  God knows when and my baby can decide whenever she is ready. J

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October 19, 2011

What's Up With 37 Weeks?

It's almost time. On my next visit, I'm gonna have my first IE with my OB. But my bump is still high and I need to do some exercise. I don't even feel the spirit of Christmas Season because my mind is occupied with things such as labor and delivery pains. It's making me worry, excited and happy! Everything is quite ready but I still find myself buying some baby stuff. I just cant help it. It's part of my excitement and also a stress reliever.

I know it's normal to worry about labor pains but reading ways to cope up with it is one thing that really helps. I also talk to my "mommy friends" about how they handled the said situation based on their experience. Just think positive in whatever and don't absorb or endure the pain so much because it will hurt even more.

Walking is a good exercise to help the dropping of the baby's position down to the birth canal. Though at this stage, walking is too tiring and my lower legs give up easily. I still go to work because I am more lazy to start my maternity leave or even work from home. At least when I go to work, I can have my walking exercise in the morning and afternoon.

I also learn about painless labor. There are medications available now that would lessen the labor pain. One common painless method is the Epidural. Thinking about the needle and tube inserted in the back spine for epidural process scares me more. So I guess I will have to wait and feel how painful it is before deciding to go for an Epidural Anesthesia.
From 34 weeks to 37 weeks. See the BIG change! 
With regard to physical changes, my tummy grows bigger as expected, and my feet are looking fat in the afternoon or evening but I still feel good about myself. I actually think I am more beautiful when I got pregnant. LOL... What's important is not to let your physical appearance ruins your day because it would surely makes you feel like a walking whale.

Two more weeks to go but I really want my baby out! All the dreads and worries about giving birth are almost at my reach! I know it would be mind blowing but it will not last long. Now I'm counting the weeks and I can't wait for this to be over!

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October 7, 2011


Bigkis or baby binder is used to wrap around the baby’s waist to prevent colic and avoid the bellybutton from popping out. For baby girls, it is believed to help the waist  become smaller so they appear to have a curve or sexy body when they grow up.

But these days, Pediatricians and most hospitals do not recommend using bigkis for babies because it has no medical relevance to the baby. In fact, it makes breathing more difficult for them. The cord stump will not dry easily and for some, it causes the navel to bleed or get infected.  As advised by the doctors, just leave it as is and make sure to clean it with alcohol daily. Keep it dry when you bathe the baby as well. It will just pop out from the baby's belly in the right time, maybe 2 weeks at most.

Here in the Philippines, bigkis are still used by modern moms just to satisfy their grandma, mom and mother in law. Sometimes it's more peaceful than insisting your will. You can try explaining to them why you wouldn't want to use bigkis to avoid misunderstanding but, if they still insist, you can just oblige but don't wrap the baby's belly too tight. When I asked my mother about it, good thing she said it's no longer necessary to buy bigkis (but she doesnt know I already bought 2pcs). For my mil, she doesnt seem to bother about that bigkis as well ;)

The use of bigkis is one of our traditional Filipino practices but since we live in the present life, we have to adjust and be open to new studies and research that evolve over the years. But for moms or newly moms out there, it is still up to you whether you want to use it for your baby or not.

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September 30, 2011

34 Weeks and Dreadful

Lately, I've been worried on many things about my pregnancy stage. I am on my 34th week and I'm starting to feel uneasiness in my body. The last time I checked I weigh 49 kilograms already. One thing that bothers me is the size of my tummy. I think I'm carrying too big baby bump that is not proportion for my height. Someone advised me before that I should not let my baby grow too much inside my womb because I am a small girl and I aim for normal delivery. Yes, I really pray for normal delivery and I'm still surprise why this tummy blew up this huge! The need to limit more on my beloved sweets is a must. 

My baby bump at 34 weeks
Another thing that's giving me difficulty is the little contraction that I'm enduring these past days. It's like a dysmenorrhea feeling or whatsoever. I'm getting paranoid that what if any minute from now my water bag breaks and it's not yet time. I dread for preterm delivery and this is the stage that I should be very careful because baby is still in 8th month. I'm just thinking that it's just a Braxton Hicks contractions which is normal. But I still need to make sure I am safe for 3 to 4 more weeks for the sake of my baby's health.

Work and daily travel routine is giving me stress and fatigue. The bigger my tummy is, the more tiresome I get but I don't want to stay at home yet nor start my maternity leave. My OB said I can still go to work for as long as I can manage. Baby's movement is definitely stronger now and it's giving me little pain sometimes. I feel that baby's jabs and kicks are lesser than the usual. Now it's more on stretching or wiggling because her space inside is getting tighter as she grows.

The third trimester is indeed the most tiring stage of pregnancy. Many thoughts and 'what ifs' are occurring in my mind but prayers are powerful and positive thinking is a great help. 

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September 27, 2011

Software Applications I cannot Live Without

Nowadays, most of us depend on many software applications to do our work with accuracy and ease. In my case, I cannot complete a task with out Internet or  lack of  software applications that I use everyday, whether installed or web based.

Here are the applications I cannot live without:

MS Office
I am more familiar with Windows Operating System and Microsoft office is very important. MS Word is widely used in offices as well as Power Point and Excel Worksheet. The first thing I open in the morning is my MS Outlook. It is necessary for me to check my emails first before anything else.

Adobe Dreamweaver
I use this editing software mainly to fix some website/web page errors or creating mailer templates and landing pages. I also use MS Front Page but I find it messing up my codes sometimes. Dreamweaver is more pro and easy.

Adobe Photoshop
This is for image enhancing, photo retouching and for some tasks that need graphics editing. The Adobe Photoshop is good for editing high resolution images in different format. There are lots of things that can be done in this software application. To get familiar with Photoshop, you need to be patient and of course more practice. 
Acrobat Pro
Editing PDF files is also important for me and I do that in Acrobat Pro. Aside from that, you can use this software in making fill up forms, convert, edit, combine high quality PDF files and more.

Cute FTP
An FTP client used to transfer files in the server. At home, I use Filezilla FTP client because it's free.

This is a screen capture software that I use to capture website bugs for reporting purposes, making step by step instruction for better understanding and many more. It is very easy to use and execute. I like it better than print screen. 

A web based email marketing software for to creating and sending regular mailers to our subscribers.

An online form management system. I use this to create forms that can be publish online to be filled up with our vendors, freelancers, etc.

My boss would freak out if he doesn't see  us online on skype. This is where our main communication with our boss takes place. With skype, he can chat, call, bug or even video call us whenever and wherever he wants to. We also use this software in communicating with our clients around the globe.

Yahoo Messenger
Anyone knows what is this software all about. But at work, this is necessary to communicate with  our freelance guys who do not use Skype. 

Word Web
I have been using this English thesaurus and dictionary for years already. But sometimes, if I am not satisfied with the answer, Google is always there to save the day!

A media player that I use for entertainment purpose. Working while listening to music is relaxing for me. I usually open my winamp when I feel sleepy or irritated with boss and other people :)

All these software are installed or accessed in my office computer as also to my personal computer at home. The best thing about my job is that I can carry it anywhere as long as I have a computer (with all these applications) and internet.

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September 26, 2011

Facebook Timeline

Have you updated your Facebook profile yet? The new change in Facebook shows a timeline of life highlighting our activities and photos. It has a cover which appears at the top of our profile that looks like a website header or banner.

The timeline turns our profiles into a scrapbook of our lives. Anyone viewing it can look back on our activities from the start. I find it actually cool because you can track and reminisce on all your activities over the years and if you're catching up your old friends, it would be easier to know what they were up to for the past years.

This feature will be rolled to the public over the next few weeks but if you are like me who's eager to try it, click here for simple instruction on how to get it.

Here's how my updated Facebook timeline looks like:

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September 24, 2011

Third Trimester - 33 Weeks

The third trimester of pregnancy starts at week 28 to week 42.  This stage seems quite difficult for me especially now that I’m on my 33rd week. I felt the sudden bloat of my tummy and any other changes that’s bothering me through out the day.

At this point, I can feel that my baby’s movement is stronger than the usual. There are times that when she kicks or maybe switches position, she puts pressure on my bladder that makes me rush to the bathroom immediately.

My baby bump is getting bigger and heavier especially after eating.  Sometimes I’m still in shock seeing my self in the mirror. This is the biggest I have so far!  I can’t even reach my toes.  I have to bear with backaches everyday and my feet or lower legs are getting tired often.

Hunger is the worst feeling in the world.  I get hungry every 2 hours and if I don’t munch on something, my baby gives me jabs and kicks. I like it when I drink coffee in the morning because she goes high and wild inside as if she’s dancing or giggling.

Weight gained is normal because the baby grows almost double in size. Maybe in 2 weeks or so I would weigh 50 kilos or more!  I gained an approximately 10 to 12 kilos from my original weight.

Sleeping is not really a problem for me.  It’s true that there is always a discomfort in sleeping position because of the bigger tummy but I already trained myself lying on my left side so it’s not giving me difficulties. Being tired all day makes me fall asleep fast.

Overall, despite of the uneasiness, the final trimester is a great time in my pregnancy. It’s the time when I totally feel that I am pregnant, the time when motherhood emotion starts to come out and the time when we can strongly feel our bond to our baby.  We have made it through the trials and challenges of the first and second trimester.  More weeks to go and we continue to hope and pray that everything will be alright for baby and me. For now, I have to enjoy the experience of being pregnant while waiting for the day that I will become a mother.

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Happy Times at Work!

This is me and my work mates in our office when we were taking funny pictures after lunch. Who says you can't have fun while working? 

I just love this photo. Happy faces indeed :D

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September 22, 2011

Playpen for Baby

A playpen is a safe place to put your baby when you are doing some important things. As babies grow bigger, they need an enjoyable place to stay and play with their favorite toys.
When babies start to crawl, you should ensure that they never bump into hard corners of your house or never leave them wandering into the room unsupervised. Safety is important for our babies and therefore at some point, a playpen can be really useful. Buying a playpen is actually on our list but we have decided to wait for the baby to learn how to sit or crawl before buying one.

Luckily, we found a sponsor for our baby girl's play pen! My hubby's brother and his wife gave us a beautiful blue playpen. We agreed with the color so we can still use it if ever the next baby would be a boy (and that would be more years from now).

 Just a reminder:
* Do not put too much things inside the playpen such us toys and blankets until the baby can sit or stand to avoid suffocation.
* And also do not leave your baby inside the playpen unattended.

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September 20, 2011

More Baby Stuff - Shopping at Hello Baby Store

The thought of going out for a baby shopping makes me feel energized. Hubby and I went to Hello Baby Store at #48 Zodiac Street Bel-air 3, Makati. I learned about this place from reading blogs and forums in the internet. The Hello Baby Store sells overruns baby clothing and essentials from Hello Baby Garments Manufacturing.  They supply baby garments to the malls in different brands like Carters, Child of Mine, Precious Moments, Red Tag, Small Wonders and many more.

The store is located inside the Bel Air 3 Subdivision. For me it looks like a little warehouse inside the house rather than a store. The place is crowded with pile of clothing from floor up to the top. The mittens, booties and bonnets are separately packed in cellophane so the buyers won’t get confused. Also the hooded towels and blankets are also arranged separately. There are new garments delivered that are not yet arranged properly. I feel like diving in the sea of clothes because they're just everywhere!  There are lots of designs and colors to choose from.  We have to pick those clothes that are needed because we have to stick to the budget. They have almost everything for babies like rompers, onesies, frog suites, pyjama sets, shirts, shorts, under wares, etc.  Sizes range from new born up to 4 years old.

The space in hello baby store is so limited and I think it cannot accommodate more than 5 customers at the same time. You have to wait outside for your turn to make sure you can check and select all the items properly before buying them.

People come to this place because they can purchase good quality garments in cheaper prices. Like 30 to 50 percent off! We bought the following items:

2 hooded towels
2 hooded blankets
5 onesies
1 pajama
2 pairs of mittens
2 pairs of booties
2 bonnets
1 mini towel
3 bibs
1 pair of shorts
1 Panty
2 bigkis (in case needed)

All these items cost us P1600.00 only. I also learned from ate Vicky (the one who manages the store) that the discount is bigger when you purchase at least P5000.00. So the more you shop, the greater discount you'll get.  By the way you can contact ate Vicky at this number for inquiries: (02) 896-4802.

Going to hello baby store is not a hassle for us even if we just commuted to get there. And also my work office is just located at Bel Air Village, Makati so they're just in the neighborhood. What we are after is good quality item in cheaper price and I think the Hello Baby Store is a perfect place to go. All worth it!

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September 13, 2011

3D Ultrasound Part 2

This is an update of my previous blog regarding 3D ultrasound. Hubby and I went back to 'In My Womb' at SM Megamall branch for our re-scan schedule. I did not eat anything that time and baby was moving when I was on my way to the mall. While waiting for the OB, I thought the baby was hungry and tired so she stopped kicking and decided to sleep. When it was my turn to do the ultrasound, the OB said she was sleeping again and we have no choice but to wake her up. We tried to call her once again, pressing her gently just to destruct her from sleeping. It took us about five minutes of doing the effort but in the end, she woke up at last!

We saw her face for the first time. The feeling was amazing! We were so glad to finally visualize her. Our precious little one did not fail us even if she was tired and sleepy. The OB was able to capture images of my baby and it was truly a wonderful experience :)

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September 11, 2011

Avoiding Manas or Edema

Waiting in line for my OB’s appointment has never been so boring. I used to go to my doctor for my regular check up alone since hubby has work every Monday.  While waiting for my number, I observe other preggy patients who are also patiently waiting for their turn. I noticed some of them have swollen feet, hands and even face. I know we call it ‘manas’ or edema. I tried to research about this ever since I was on my second month because I don’t want to go through that stage.

The feet usually become bigger than the original size and it is normal for pregnant women. I have a very small feet, size 4 to 5 but now the size I think has became 5 to 6, and I am happy about it. But when we talk about manas or edema, it shows swelling of face, arms and legs.  And unfortunately, this is normal especially in the later stage of pregnancy. Some women experience this after giving birth.  However if you think the swelling is severe you need to call your doctor because it could be a symptom of pre-eclampsia.

Manas or Edema occurs when the uterus puts pressure on the pelvic vein and vena cava which causes the slowing of the return of blood from your legs. The pressure from the trapped blood forces fluids from your veins down into the tissues of feet and ankles
You can control edema by taking the following advice:

  •  Avoid prolonged standing and walking. It accumulates blood and fluid to your legs and feet, causing them to swell.
  • Wear comfortable shoes when you have to stand and walk.
  •  Elevate your feet when possible and do not cross your legs or ankles while sitting.
  •  At work, try to take a regular break from sitting or standing so your blood can circulate well.
  •  Drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated.
  •  Do a regular exercise such as short walk, swimming or try the water aerobics class.
  •  Eat healthy foods and reduce salt intake. Consuming more salt can hold extra water in your body.
  •  Eat protein-rich foods. One good example is monggo.
  •  Train yourself to sleep on your left side. It helps the baby my improving the blood flow circulation. It also helps your kidneys to get rid of waste products and fluids from your body and reduce the puffing in hands, feet and ankles.

I’m on my way to 32nd weeks and so far I have not experienced any manas or edema yet.  I’m doing my best to avoid it and hopefully that manas or edema would spare me even after giving birth.

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September 10, 2011

Baby's Stuff

What is more exciting for a first time expectant mom than shopping for baby’s stuff?  At first, I cannot stop writing things on my list. I want to buy anything which I find cute for my baby. But practically thinking, it is not worth it to purchase so many clothes and stuff for the baby as they grow so surprisingly fast. They say that when shopping for baby’s essentials you have to bring your mother or aunts with you because they know very well the most important things needed by newborn babies. In my case, my mother is far away and I do not have any aunts to bring so I have no choice but to take hubby to shop with me. I can see that he is even energetic to do the shopping for our baby.
We cannot afford to buy all things in our list at once so we just acquire whatever fits the budget. We started with baby’s clothes and other necessities. We pick the color white for now to be safe. Here are the garments we bought:
·         2 buttoned sleeveless
·         1 tie-side sleeveless
·         3 pajamas
·         4 shorts
·         2 tie-side long sleeves
·         2 buttoned long sleeves
·         2 tie-side short sleeves
·         2 buttoned long sleeves

I decided to get both the tie-side and buttoned shirts for my baby. All these cost P992.00 at The Landmark, Makati City.
Here are other necessities for my baby. Hubby and I just picked these because we feel that they are also needed. These items only cost us P328.75.
·         Baby Wipes
·         Cotton Balls
·         Baby Oil
·         Alcohol
·         Baby Powder

Although I am very determined to breast feed my baby for as long as I can, it is also important to buy feeding bottles. I heard about this AVENT brand and read good reviews from the internet. We got 2 bottles only, 9oz and purchased additional nipple for 0months+ because the nipples included in the 9oz bottles are for babies in 3months+. The bottles cost P849.75 while the extra two nipples cost P379.75, total of P1229.00 at SM Makati. Whew, I spent above 1k for just 2 bottles and extra nipples! AVENT is expensive huh!

One of my ‘mommy’ friends introduced me to The First Year’s Breastflow feeding bottles. I also read reviews about this and they say it’s perfect for breastfeeding moms because it avoids babies from nipple confusion. The Breastflow feeding bottle allows babies to feed from the bottle in just the same way as from the breast. So you can bottle feed them in the morning and breast feed at night. It is cheaper than AVENT bottles. The breast pump of Breasftflow is also inexpensive than AVENT. So then we decided to buy the starter kit bottles at SM Makati and it only cost P999.75 for:

·         2 – oz bottles with slow flow nipples
·         2 - 9 oz bottles with medium flow nipples
·         4 milk storage lids
·         1 cereal/snak container with lid
·         1 soft bristle bottle and nipple brush

I also consider using cloth diapers for my baby to save expenses from disposable diapers and to avoid rashes. It is also healthy for our environment. I plan to use disposable diapers at night only so baby’s sleep will not be disrupted. I bought 1 dozen for Curity Gauze diaper. I prefer gauze than birdseye because the sales lady said it is more absorbent, contains more cotton and easy to dry. The one dozen 18” x 36” Curity cloth diaper at SM Makati costs P449.75.
While strolling at Robinsons Imus, we found gauze cloth diapers (New Baby brand) in 25% offJ. Original price was P299.75 for 6 pieces. We bought 12 pieces for only P449.00

This is just the first set for my baby shopping. There are still plenty of things in my list. I have to regard practicality because as I said, baby grows so quick. Good thing my mother voluntarily offers to provide other stuff for her first granddaughter. She bought some thin comforters for the crib, few clothes and nappies.

Another ‘mommy’ friend of mine handed me her Baby Couture diaper bag so there is no need for me to buy one. She said I just have to wash it because she stocked it in her cabinet for years. That’s the advantage of having ‘mommy’ friends. I get not only advises and ideas, but also hand me down stuff J
Here’s the list for our next baby shopping. I will have to review this and make sure I only buy those things that are necessary as possible:

12 pieces disposable diapers Pillow sets
6 pieces Pre-shaped clothing diapers Toys
5 baby panties Wash cloth/sponge
2 pajamas / frog suits Powder case
4 onesies Liquid bath
3 mittens Diaper pins
2 bonnets Nasal aspirator
1 sweater Bottle Sterilizer
2 bootsies Powder Milk container
3 bibs Washable Nursing Pads
4 socks 1 anti leak mat
2 headed / receiving towels 1 Mosquito net
2 blankets

Budget is important for us especially we are also saving for the incoming hospital bills. In less than two months, a baby girl will arrive! She needs her stuff too so next week we're off to have our second shopping!

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September 5, 2011

3D Ultrasound

I just had my second pelvic ultrasound, and this time I tried the FETAL BIOMETRY WITH GENDER DETERMINATION IN 3D (FB3D) in In My Womb clinic in SM Megamall.  The original price for this ultrasound is P2,200 but they have an ongoing promo until September  30, 2011 which cuts  P400.00 from the original price. So I only paid P1,800.

My first ultrasound was done on my 25th weeks and the Sonographer was able to determine the gender. But as an excited mom, I still want to make sure the gender of my baby by having a second pelvic ultrasound.  The FB3D includes 5 black and white pictures and 5 colored pictures of my baby in 3D. It also includes Diagnostic comprehensive OB-GYNE report and of course Gender Determination which is 99-100% accurate.

So hubby and I went to In My Womb clinic at SM Megamall. I am on my 30th weeks already.  We went there at around 11am although my appointment time was 4pm. Good thing the patient scheduled for 11am scan was late so I was able to go in first. The OB asked me if the baby was moving or awake. That time, I just had a good lunch and I know that my baby sleeps whenever I’m full. I was not aware that it is best to have an ultrasound when the baby is awake or in high mode. We have seen some images of my baby, like the lower lip, legs and the hand covering the face.  The OB tried to push my belly to wake the baby, we even call her name or I was asked to cough just make her move. Hubby tried to call her also because my baby responds the most to hubby’s voice, but he failed.  After the efforts, she turned her back so she can show us her growing hairs at the back of her head.

But even though my baby did not cooperate well in that scan, I can feel that she doesn’t want us to go home with doubt about her true gender. She was able to show her va-j-j clear enough for us to believe that she is really a girl. So what we only got was the picture of her private partJ.  We had another schedule for FREE re-scan next week.  And on that day, I will make sure that baby is up and kicking from the inside!

Here, I’ll share what my baby showed to us. I’ll make an update for this blog once I got some clearer picture of baby. We are talking to her so she’ll cooperate and show up good pictures for us.

It's definitely a Baby GIRL!
By the way, the 3D ultrasound was a great experience. It was a combined feeling of excitement and thrill. Seeing your baby in 3D images is priceless! People in In My Womb clinic were so nice and accommodating as well.

August 29, 2011

Exploring Baguio City

Baguio City is one of the tourists' favorite places in the Philippines because of the cold weather, popular tourist spots and friendly people. You will see many indigenous elders wearing their traditional costume and interacting with tourists as part of their daily lives, or just part of their habits. I was told that these natives are rich and have professional children. Some are millionaires but they would still remain loyal to their original custom.

It was April when I first visited Baguio City. I never had a clue that every April, people are just everywhere. Tourists, foreigners, residents or visitors were roaming in this one place.  Every attraction that we visited was so crowded.  But all in all, the vacation was worth it. We have visited many places and had a great time taking pictures. People are nice especially the taxi/FX drivers. Because of them, we were able to go to many places even if it was our first time to be there.

I was amazed when I saw houses in the mountains. Fogs are so thick in the morning and pine trees are all over. 

The Burnham Park
This is the city's well known park. You can do lots of fun things in this park such as boat riding; go on a 
picnic, biking or just have a leisure walk while looking for spot to pose for picture taking

Baguio Botanical Garden
This is a village of Igorot surrounded by many flowers and trees.  It is a beautiful garden indeed. In the entrance, there are many Igorots dress in their native costumes waiting for tourists for paid photo op :)

The Mansion
The Mansion house is where the President of the Philippines stays when in he/she is in Baguio City. People are allowed to enter the gate just to take photos of the mansion.

Camp John Hay
A previous American Military camp which has now became one of the tourist destinations of Baguio.

A view of Manor Hotel from Camp John Hays 

Lourdes Grotto
To reach the Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto, you have to take 252 steps. 

Mines View Park
The mines view park is also one of the famous places in Baguio City.  There is a view deck where you can have a spectacular view of different mines and Cordillera Mountain. While going down, you will see lots of souvenir shops, Igorots, dogs and horses doing their photo op business :)

Wright Park
We went there to have a horseback riding experience.

Baguio Cathedral
This cathedral is located on the top of the hill in the center of the city. Many photographers love to take pictures in this holy place in Baguio City.

Tam-Awan Village
This is a native village with many Igorot homes. It was raining when we came to Tam-Awan Village and we have to climb up the slippery hills to go from one hut to another. There are also native handicrafts sold in this place.

A view from the highest point of the Village

While climbing on the steep pathways, we saw this huge dream catcher hanging on the tree

Got these souvenirs from Tam-Awan Village

Philippine Military Academy
This place is so neat with many colorful flowers and of course, military trainers and officers. I had a chance to stop an approaching PMA-er for picture taking :)

Flowers in Baguio

Baguio City is really a cool place to go for a holiday. Aside from visiting the tourist attractions and landmarks, there are also other stuff to do such as trying their strawberry taho and the foods. One famous restaurant is the Chocolate de Batirol located at Camp John Hay. Also, I heard that silver jewelries are sold in cheaper prices. Baguio city is also known for its inexpensive and good quality Ukay-Ukay. Flowers are abundant as well as food souvenirs. I would always love to come and visit the place all over again!

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