September 30, 2011

34 Weeks and Dreadful

Lately, I've been worried on many things about my pregnancy stage. I am on my 34th week and I'm starting to feel uneasiness in my body. The last time I checked I weigh 49 kilograms already. One thing that bothers me is the size of my tummy. I think I'm carrying too big baby bump that is not proportion for my height. Someone advised me before that I should not let my baby grow too much inside my womb because I am a small girl and I aim for normal delivery. Yes, I really pray for normal delivery and I'm still surprise why this tummy blew up this huge! The need to limit more on my beloved sweets is a must. 

My baby bump at 34 weeks
Another thing that's giving me difficulty is the little contraction that I'm enduring these past days. It's like a dysmenorrhea feeling or whatsoever. I'm getting paranoid that what if any minute from now my water bag breaks and it's not yet time. I dread for preterm delivery and this is the stage that I should be very careful because baby is still in 8th month. I'm just thinking that it's just a Braxton Hicks contractions which is normal. But I still need to make sure I am safe for 3 to 4 more weeks for the sake of my baby's health.

Work and daily travel routine is giving me stress and fatigue. The bigger my tummy is, the more tiresome I get but I don't want to stay at home yet nor start my maternity leave. My OB said I can still go to work for as long as I can manage. Baby's movement is definitely stronger now and it's giving me little pain sometimes. I feel that baby's jabs and kicks are lesser than the usual. Now it's more on stretching or wiggling because her space inside is getting tighter as she grows.

The third trimester is indeed the most tiring stage of pregnancy. Many thoughts and 'what ifs' are occurring in my mind but prayers are powerful and positive thinking is a great help. 

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