September 13, 2011

3D Ultrasound Part 2

This is an update of my previous blog regarding 3D ultrasound. Hubby and I went back to 'In My Womb' at SM Megamall branch for our re-scan schedule. I did not eat anything that time and baby was moving when I was on my way to the mall. While waiting for the OB, I thought the baby was hungry and tired so she stopped kicking and decided to sleep. When it was my turn to do the ultrasound, the OB said she was sleeping again and we have no choice but to wake her up. We tried to call her once again, pressing her gently just to destruct her from sleeping. It took us about five minutes of doing the effort but in the end, she woke up at last!

We saw her face for the first time. The feeling was amazing! We were so glad to finally visualize her. Our precious little one did not fail us even if she was tired and sleepy. The OB was able to capture images of my baby and it was truly a wonderful experience :)

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