September 10, 2011

Baby's Stuff

What is more exciting for a first time expectant mom than shopping for baby’s stuff?  At first, I cannot stop writing things on my list. I want to buy anything which I find cute for my baby. But practically thinking, it is not worth it to purchase so many clothes and stuff for the baby as they grow so surprisingly fast. They say that when shopping for baby’s essentials you have to bring your mother or aunts with you because they know very well the most important things needed by newborn babies. In my case, my mother is far away and I do not have any aunts to bring so I have no choice but to take hubby to shop with me. I can see that he is even energetic to do the shopping for our baby.

We cannot afford to buy all things in our list at once so we just acquire whatever fits the budget. We started with baby’s clothes and other necessities. We pick the color white for now to be safe. Here are the garments we bought:
·         2 buttoned sleeveless
·         1 tie-side sleeveless
·         3 pajamas
·         4 shorts
·         2 tie-side long sleeves
·         2 buttoned long sleeves
·         2 tie-side short sleeves
·         2 buttoned long sleeves

I decided to get both the tie-side and buttoned shirts for my baby. All these cost P992.00 at The Landmark, Makati City.
Here are other necessities for my baby. Hubby and I just picked these because we feel that they are also needed. These items only cost us P328.75.
·         Baby Wipes
·         Cotton Balls
·         Baby Oil
·         Alcohol
·         Baby Powder

Although I am very determined to breast feed my baby for as long as I can, it is also important to buy feeding bottles. I heard about this AVENT brand and read good reviews from the internet. We got 2 bottles only, 9oz and purchased additional nipple for 0months+ because the nipples included in the 9oz bottles are for babies in 3months+. The bottles cost P849.75 while the extra two nipples cost P379.75, total of P1229.00 at SM Makati. Whew, I spent above 1k for just 2 bottles and extra nipples! AVENT is expensive huh!

One of my ‘mommy’ friends introduced me to The First Year’s Breastflow feeding bottles. I also read reviews about this and they say it’s perfect for breastfeeding moms because it avoids babies from nipple confusion. The Breastflow feeding bottle allows babies to feed from the bottle in just the same way as from the breast. So you can bottle feed them in the morning and breast feed at night. It is cheaper than AVENT bottles. The breast pump of Breasftflow is also inexpensive than AVENT. So then we decided to buy the starter kit bottles at SM Makati and it only cost P999.75 for:

·         2 – oz bottles with slow flow nipples
·         2 - 9 oz bottles with medium flow nipples
·         4 milk storage lids
·         1 cereal/snak container with lid
·         1 soft bristle bottle and nipple brush

I also consider using cloth diapers for my baby to save expenses from disposable diapers and to avoid rashes. It is also healthy for our environment. I plan to use disposable diapers at night only so baby’s sleep will not be disrupted. I bought 1 dozen for Curity Gauze diaper. I prefer gauze than birdseye because the sales lady said it is more absorbent, contains more cotton and easy to dry. The one dozen 18” x 36” Curity cloth diaper at SM Makati costs P449.75.
While strolling at Robinsons Imus, we found gauze cloth diapers (New Baby brand) in 25% offJ. Original price was P299.75 for 6 pieces. We bought 12 pieces for only P449.00

This is just the first set for my baby shopping. There are still plenty of things in my list. I have to regard practicality because as I said, baby grows so quick. Good thing my mother voluntarily offers to provide other stuff for her first granddaughter. She bought some thin comforters for the crib, few clothes and nappies.

Another ‘mommy’ friend of mine handed me her Baby Couture diaper bag so there is no need for me to buy one. She said I just have to wash it because she stocked it in her cabinet for years. That’s the advantage of having ‘mommy’ friends. I get not only advises and ideas, but also hand me down stuff J
Here’s the list for our next baby shopping. I will have to review this and make sure I only buy those things that are necessary as possible:

12 pieces disposable diapers Pillow sets
6 pieces Pre-shaped clothing diapers Toys
5 baby panties Wash cloth/sponge
2 pajamas / frog suits Powder case
4 onesies Liquid bath
3 mittens Diaper pins
2 bonnets Nasal aspirator
1 sweater Bottle Sterilizer
2 bootsies Powder Milk container
3 bibs Washable Nursing Pads
4 socks 1 anti leak mat
2 headed / receiving towels 1 Mosquito net
2 blankets

Budget is important for us especially we are also saving for the incoming hospital bills. In less than two months, a baby girl will arrive! She needs her stuff too so next week we're off to have our second shopping!

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