September 20, 2011

More Baby Stuff - Shopping at Hello Baby Store

The thought of going out for a baby shopping makes me feel energized. Hubby and I went to Hello Baby Store at #48 Zodiac Street Bel-air 3, Makati. I learned about this place from reading blogs and forums in the internet. The Hello Baby Store sells overruns baby clothing and essentials from Hello Baby Garments Manufacturing.  They supply baby garments to the malls in different brands like Carters, Child of Mine, Precious Moments, Red Tag, Small Wonders and many more.

The store is located inside the Bel Air 3 Subdivision. For me it looks like a little warehouse inside the house rather than a store. The place is crowded with pile of clothing from floor up to the top. The mittens, booties and bonnets are separately packed in cellophane so the buyers won’t get confused. Also the hooded towels and blankets are also arranged separately. There are new garments delivered that are not yet arranged properly. I feel like diving in the sea of clothes because they're just everywhere!  There are lots of designs and colors to choose from.  We have to pick those clothes that are needed because we have to stick to the budget. They have almost everything for babies like rompers, onesies, frog suites, pyjama sets, shirts, shorts, under wares, etc.  Sizes range from new born up to 4 years old.

The space in hello baby store is so limited and I think it cannot accommodate more than 5 customers at the same time. You have to wait outside for your turn to make sure you can check and select all the items properly before buying them.

People come to this place because they can purchase good quality garments in cheaper prices. Like 30 to 50 percent off! We bought the following items:

2 hooded towels
2 hooded blankets
5 onesies
1 pajama
2 pairs of mittens
2 pairs of booties
2 bonnets
1 mini towel
3 bibs
1 pair of shorts
1 Panty
2 bigkis (in case needed)

All these items cost us P1600.00 only. I also learned from ate Vicky (the one who manages the store) that the discount is bigger when you purchase at least P5000.00. So the more you shop, the greater discount you'll get.  By the way you can contact ate Vicky at this number for inquiries: (02) 896-4802.

Going to hello baby store is not a hassle for us even if we just commuted to get there. And also my work office is just located at Bel Air Village, Makati so they're just in the neighborhood. What we are after is good quality item in cheaper price and I think the Hello Baby Store is a perfect place to go. All worth it!

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hi sis, id like to ask how can i go there in bel air if ill be coming from ayala triangle? thanks

the contact number here is only for landline do they have cellphone numbers as well?

Wow! ang dami mommy! May mga pang-toddler ba?

Hi!I'm faye the online seller of hello baby garments products.If you are interested,you can reach me at 09159007595.Thank you.

Hi!I'm faye the online seller of hello baby garments products.If you are interested,you can reach me at 09159007595.Thank you.

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