September 27, 2011

Software Applications I cannot Live Without

Nowadays, most of us depend on many software applications to do our work with accuracy and ease. In my case, I cannot complete a task with out Internet or  lack of  software applications that I use everyday, whether installed or web based.

Here are the applications I cannot live without:

MS Office
I am more familiar with Windows Operating System and Microsoft office is very important. MS Word is widely used in offices as well as Power Point and Excel Worksheet. The first thing I open in the morning is my MS Outlook. It is necessary for me to check my emails first before anything else.

Adobe Dreamweaver
I use this editing software mainly to fix some website/web page errors or creating mailer templates and landing pages. I also use MS Front Page but I find it messing up my codes sometimes. Dreamweaver is more pro and easy.

Adobe Photoshop
This is for image enhancing, photo retouching and for some tasks that need graphics editing. The Adobe Photoshop is good for editing high resolution images in different format. There are lots of things that can be done in this software application. To get familiar with Photoshop, you need to be patient and of course more practice. 
Acrobat Pro
Editing PDF files is also important for me and I do that in Acrobat Pro. Aside from that, you can use this software in making fill up forms, convert, edit, combine high quality PDF files and more.

Cute FTP
An FTP client used to transfer files in the server. At home, I use Filezilla FTP client because it's free.

This is a screen capture software that I use to capture website bugs for reporting purposes, making step by step instruction for better understanding and many more. It is very easy to use and execute. I like it better than print screen. 

A web based email marketing software for to creating and sending regular mailers to our subscribers.

An online form management system. I use this to create forms that can be publish online to be filled up with our vendors, freelancers, etc.

My boss would freak out if he doesn't see  us online on skype. This is where our main communication with our boss takes place. With skype, he can chat, call, bug or even video call us whenever and wherever he wants to. We also use this software in communicating with our clients around the globe.

Yahoo Messenger
Anyone knows what is this software all about. But at work, this is necessary to communicate with  our freelance guys who do not use Skype. 

Word Web
I have been using this English thesaurus and dictionary for years already. But sometimes, if I am not satisfied with the answer, Google is always there to save the day!

A media player that I use for entertainment purpose. Working while listening to music is relaxing for me. I usually open my winamp when I feel sleepy or irritated with boss and other people :)

All these software are installed or accessed in my office computer as also to my personal computer at home. The best thing about my job is that I can carry it anywhere as long as I have a computer (with all these applications) and internet.

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