October 7, 2011


Bigkis or baby binder is used to wrap around the baby’s waist to prevent colic and avoid the bellybutton from popping out. For baby girls, it is believed to help the waist  become smaller so they appear to have a curve or sexy body when they grow up.

But these days, Pediatricians and most hospitals do not recommend using bigkis for babies because it has no medical relevance to the baby. In fact, it makes breathing more difficult for them. The cord stump will not dry easily and for some, it causes the navel to bleed or get infected.  As advised by the doctors, just leave it as is and make sure to clean it with alcohol daily. Keep it dry when you bathe the baby as well. It will just pop out from the baby's belly in the right time, maybe 2 weeks at most.

Here in the Philippines, bigkis are still used by modern moms just to satisfy their grandma, mom and mother in law. Sometimes it's more peaceful than insisting your will. You can try explaining to them why you wouldn't want to use bigkis to avoid misunderstanding but, if they still insist, you can just oblige but don't wrap the baby's belly too tight. When I asked my mother about it, good thing she said it's no longer necessary to buy bigkis (but she doesnt know I already bought 2pcs). For my mil, she doesnt seem to bother about that bigkis as well ;)

The use of bigkis is one of our traditional Filipino practices but since we live in the present life, we have to adjust and be open to new studies and research that evolve over the years. But for moms or newly moms out there, it is still up to you whether you want to use it for your baby or not.

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