October 19, 2011

What's Up With 37 Weeks?

It's almost time. On my next visit, I'm gonna have my first IE with my OB. But my bump is still high and I need to do some exercise. I don't even feel the spirit of Christmas Season because my mind is occupied with things such as labor and delivery pains. It's making me worry, excited and happy! Everything is quite ready but I still find myself buying some baby stuff. I just cant help it. It's part of my excitement and also a stress reliever.

I know it's normal to worry about labor pains but reading ways to cope up with it is one thing that really helps. I also talk to my "mommy friends" about how they handled the said situation based on their experience. Just think positive in whatever and don't absorb or endure the pain so much because it will hurt even more.

Walking is a good exercise to help the dropping of the baby's position down to the birth canal. Though at this stage, walking is too tiring and my lower legs give up easily. I still go to work because I am more lazy to start my maternity leave or even work from home. At least when I go to work, I can have my walking exercise in the morning and afternoon.

I also learn about painless labor. There are medications available now that would lessen the labor pain. One common painless method is the Epidural. Thinking about the needle and tube inserted in the back spine for epidural process scares me more. So I guess I will have to wait and feel how painful it is before deciding to go for an Epidural Anesthesia.

From 34 weeks to 37 weeks. See the BIG change! 
With regard to physical changes, my tummy grows bigger as expected, and my feet are looking fat in the afternoon or evening but I still feel good about myself. I actually think I am more beautiful when I got pregnant. LOL... What's important is not to let your physical appearance ruins your day because it would surely makes you feel like a walking whale.

Two more weeks to go but I really want my baby out! All the dreads and worries about giving birth are almost at my reach! I know it would be mind blowing but it will not last long. Now I'm counting the weeks and I can't wait for this to be over!

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Wow, good luck on your delivery! Hope everything goes well. I'm too young to be a mother but I think someday it'd be a wonderful experience.

Hi Erika, thanks for your comment. It is indeed a wonderful experience!

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