Getting Married

Let me start this blog by sharing something about one of the special days of my life – My wedding day. I just turned 25 years old when I officially got married...

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July 7, 2011

Getting Married

Let me start this blog by sharing something about one of the special days of my life – My wedding day.  I just turned 25 years old when I officially got hitched. The process for the papers and wedding arrangements have caused us so many headaches because my boyfie (who’s now my husband) and I are currently working here in Manila while the wedding was held in a place where I grew up, Cagayan de Oro City.  We need to travel a lot for seminars, papers, preparations and other stuff. We even traveled back and forth for 1 day from Manila to CDO just to attend the canonical interview that lasted for only 15 minutes.
We decided to have a church wedding and we tried to make it simple and happy of course! Even though we ended up having the worst wedding organizers, we still managed to keep the big day special the way it should be.  Here are the things to think about when you are planning to get married:

-          Church (for those who prefer church wedding):  Make sure you correspond with the rules and regulations and also the church’s policy when it comes to having weddings. Some churches are strict in terms of wedding gowns especially for the bride and bridesmaids. Sometimes you'll need to spare your cleavage and nude backs for later, and maybe flaunt them at the reception.

-          Wedding Organizers/Wedding planner:  Having someone to take care of all the things needed for your wedding is very significant especially if you are busy at work. They will do the checklist for you and will also make sure that every detail is being discussed. They can even suggest cheap but trusted suppliers if you don’t know where to get your flowers, giveaways, invitations, hotels, etc. 

-          Reception Venue: This is something you have to discuss with your wedding organizers/planner.  You can opt to have your reception venue in a clubhouse, hotel or restaurant.  If you have many guests, make sure to choose a big room so everyone will be accommodated properly.  One thing you have to consider is the FOOD. Make sure the foods are great! Even though how marvellous the reception venue and arrangements are, the guests will still get disappointed if they didn’t like the food and how it is served. 

-          Photographer/Videographer: There are many companies or freelancers out there that offer packages for your wedding photo and video coverage. You might have known some from your friends or relatives and you can even ask for discounts. These professional photographer and videographers should know the rules about taking pictures especially inside the church. There are rules and limitations in some churches, so they should be aware about it. Photos and videos are the most important and exciting part of the wedding since they hold the memories that you can keep for the rest of your life.

-          Suppliers:  Of course, you should also scout for suppliers if you are the hands-on type for your wedding preparations. I myself attended lots of wedding expos and shows. There are many suppliers to choose from, like wedding rings, gowns, cakes, invitations, giveaways, photographers, videos, album printing, hotels, wedding car, etc. You can search for show schedule in the internet. They are usually held in SM Megamall and SMX. Some couple shops at Divisoria because there are varieties of cheap but cool stuff for give-aways and gowns. So you can also give it a try!

-          Online Research: The fact that suppliers nowadays also consider posting ads online, you can sit and browse with all ease. I got my invitation and giveaways suppliers from and I met them personally at the expo. You can also read forums about these suppliers to get more information before you decide.

Here are the websites where I got some of my wedding stuff:

Getting married is one of the most wonderful moments a couple could ever experience. Together with family and loved ones you celebrate the day with trust and hope that all the promises and vows will live forever as long as you are together.

Here are some of the pictures from my wedding:

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