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July 28, 2011

My Very First Postal ID

I finally got my very first Postal ID :) I once attempted to get this ID last 2007 but when I saw the requirements, I backed out! Good thing for now I have all the papers needed.

I decided to apply at Imus Postal Office. I brought with me the NSO certified copy of my Birth and Married Certificate, NBI clearance and 3pcs. 2x2 pictures with white background. The only thing missing was my cedula/community tax certificate. The window guy in the post office accepted all my requirements even though I lacked one. He advised me to bring my cedula upon claiming my ID.  So I filled up the form and then sign. After the thumb marks, you will be asked to pay. The Postal ID fee here in Imus Cavite is P350.00 (for at least 5 or 7 working days) or P550.00 if you want it rush (at least 3 days). Since I want to get it done right away, I paid P550.00. The guy in the window asked me to come back the next day to claim my ID and of course to submit my cedula. The only sad thing is that they took all original NSO certified copy of my Birth and Married certificate and my original NBI clearance! I thought they were just going to get the photocopy :(

When I got home, I requested for new NSO Birth and Married certificate from E-Census ( This is where you can apply for Birth and other Civil Registry Documents online. I have to get new NSO copies of those documents for my later record updates especially in Philhealth and SSS. After confirming my request, I went to BDO to pay for the amount P630.00 (P315.00 for each document). Ill just wait for 5 working days for them to deliver my request.

Anyways, the next day, I went to Imus Municipal Satellite at Robinsons Mall, Imus to get a cedula/community tax certificate. After receiving my cedula (I paid only P11.40) I headed immediately to Imus Postal Office and I got my Postal ID.. Then I was happy :D 

July 27, 2011

Goodbye NBI Renewal Card

Having my civil status updated after getting married is such a headache. It was June of 2011 when I realized that I want to get my own NBI renewal card. I read lots of blogs on how and where to get one and I'm lucky enough to know that there is an NBI office in Imus Cavite which is very convenient for me.

So I went there with my hubby since he also need to get one for his new job. It was a rainy day so there were only few people lining up to get their NBI. Hubby's NBI clearance personal copy was lost so he needed to get a new one. As for me, I just have to renew my clearance and at the same time, change my status, address and of course my last name. I was excited to get my renewal card right after they release my clearance. After 20 to 30 minutes of waiting, my hubby's NBI clearance was released while I was given a receipt and told to go back after 1 month to get my renewed NBI clearance. I didnt bother to ask why because I know I have a namesake. That's okay because I'm not in a rush anyway.

After a month (It was July 2011), I went back to Imus NBI office to get my clearance and then to proceed to have my own renewal card. I was excited because for the first time I'm gonna have my own updated ID. But when I asked the lady for the procedure on how to get the renewal card, she told me that it's no longer valid and they have already stopped releasing that ID. I thought "great! so what am I going to do with this NBI Clearance when my ever purpose to get the renewal card is impossible!". I just found out that the NBI is currently undergoing some changes in their system and contractors (starting July 2011) and that they stopped the renewal card service. I hope they'll come up with another cards that would make it easier for us to renew our NBI clearance using Clearance Renewal Kiosk. 

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