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Exploring Baguio City

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August 29, 2011

Exploring Baguio City

Baguio City is one of the tourists' favorite places in the Philippines because of the cold weather, popular tourist spots and friendly people. You will see many indigenous elders wearing their traditional costume and interacting with tourists as part of their daily lives, or just part of their habits. I was told that these natives are rich and have professional children. Some are millionaires but they would still remain loyal to their original custom.

It was April when I first visited Baguio City. I never had a clue that every April, people are just everywhere. Tourists, foreigners, residents or visitors were roaming in this one place.  Every attraction that we visited was so crowded.  But all in all, the vacation was worth it. We have visited many places and had a great time taking pictures. People are nice especially the taxi/FX drivers. Because of them, we were able to go to many places even if it was our first time to be there.

I was amazed when I saw houses in the mountains. Fogs are so thick in the morning and pine trees are all over. 

The Burnham Park
This is the city's well known park. You can do lots of fun things in this park such as boat riding; go on a 
picnic, biking or just have a leisure walk while looking for spot to pose for picture taking

Baguio Botanical Garden
This is a village of Igorot surrounded by many flowers and trees.  It is a beautiful garden indeed. In the entrance, there are many Igorots dress in their native costumes waiting for tourists for paid photo op :)

The Mansion
The Mansion house is where the President of the Philippines stays when in he/she is in Baguio City. People are allowed to enter the gate just to take photos of the mansion.

Camp John Hay
A previous American Military camp which has now became one of the tourist destinations of Baguio.

A view of Manor Hotel from Camp John Hays 

Lourdes Grotto
To reach the Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto, you have to take 252 steps. 

Mines View Park
The mines view park is also one of the famous places in Baguio City.  There is a view deck where you can have a spectacular view of different mines and Cordillera Mountain. While going down, you will see lots of souvenir shops, Igorots, dogs and horses doing their photo op business :)

Wright Park
We went there to have a horseback riding experience.

Baguio Cathedral
This cathedral is located on the top of the hill in the center of the city. Many photographers love to take pictures in this holy place in Baguio City.

Tam-Awan Village
This is a native village with many Igorot homes. It was raining when we came to Tam-Awan Village and we have to climb up the slippery hills to go from one hut to another. There are also native handicrafts sold in this place.

A view from the highest point of the Village

While climbing on the steep pathways, we saw this huge dream catcher hanging on the tree

Got these souvenirs from Tam-Awan Village

Philippine Military Academy
This place is so neat with many colorful flowers and of course, military trainers and officers. I had a chance to stop an approaching PMA-er for picture taking :)

Flowers in Baguio

Baguio City is really a cool place to go for a holiday. Aside from visiting the tourist attractions and landmarks, there are also other stuff to do such as trying their strawberry taho and the foods. One famous restaurant is the Chocolate de Batirol located at Camp John Hay. Also, I heard that silver jewelries are sold in cheaper prices. Baguio city is also known for its inexpensive and good quality Ukay-Ukay. Flowers are abundant as well as food souvenirs. I would always love to come and visit the place all over again!

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