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September 13, 2011

3D Ultrasound Part 2

This is an update of my previous blog regarding 3D ultrasound. Hubby and I went back to 'In My Womb' at SM Megamall branch for our re-scan schedule. I did not eat anything that time and baby was moving when I was on my way to the mall. While waiting for the OB, I thought the baby was hungry and tired so she stopped kicking and decided to sleep. When it was my turn to do the ultrasound, the OB said she was sleeping again and we have no choice but to wake her up. We tried to call her once again, pressing her gently just to destruct her from sleeping. It took us about five minutes of doing the effort but in the end, she woke up at last!

We saw her face for the first time. The feeling was amazing! We were so glad to finally visualize her. Our precious little one did not fail us even if she was tired and sleepy. The OB was able to capture images of my baby and it was truly a wonderful experience :)

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September 11, 2011

Avoiding Manas or Edema

Waiting in line for my OB’s appointment has never been so boring. I used to go to my doctor for my regular check up alone since hubby has work every Monday.  While waiting for my number, I observe other preggy patients who are also patiently waiting for their turn. I noticed some of them have swollen feet, hands and even face. I know we call it ‘manas’ or edema. I tried to research about this ever since I was on my second month because I don’t want to go through that stage.

The feet usually become bigger than the original size and it is normal for pregnant women. I have a very small feet, size 4 to 5 but now the size I think has became 5 to 6, and I am happy about it. But when we talk about manas or edema, it shows swelling of face, arms and legs.  And unfortunately, this is normal especially in the later stage of pregnancy. Some women experience this after giving birth.  However if you think the swelling is severe you need to call your doctor because it could be a symptom of pre-eclampsia.

Manas or Edema occurs when the uterus puts pressure on the pelvic vein and vena cava which causes the slowing of the return of blood from your legs. The pressure from the trapped blood forces fluids from your veins down into the tissues of feet and ankles
You can control edema by taking the following advice:

  •  Avoid prolonged standing and walking. It accumulates blood and fluid to your legs and feet, causing them to swell.
  • Wear comfortable shoes when you have to stand and walk.
  •  Elevate your feet when possible and do not cross your legs or ankles while sitting.
  •  At work, try to take a regular break from sitting or standing so your blood can circulate well.
  •  Drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated.
  •  Do a regular exercise such as short walk, swimming or try the water aerobics class.
  •  Eat healthy foods and reduce salt intake. Consuming more salt can hold extra water in your body.
  •  Eat protein-rich foods. One good example is monggo.
  •  Train yourself to sleep on your left side. It helps the baby my improving the blood flow circulation. It also helps your kidneys to get rid of waste products and fluids from your body and reduce the puffing in hands, feet and ankles.

I’m on my way to 32nd weeks and so far I have not experienced any manas or edema yet.  I’m doing my best to avoid it and hopefully that manas or edema would spare me even after giving birth.

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