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October 28, 2011

Pregnancy Exercise

From the day I started working from home, I felt the needs to exercise my body or at least stretch some muscles. At this stage I am having sleeping difficulties because my belly gets hard as rock and it wakes me up to make a little move or to change position. When I get up, I feel so heavy to walk whenever I need to go to my favorite place – the bathroom. J

Some of the exercises pregnant women can do are walking, swimming, stretching, squatting or even dancing. Just make sure you have to consult your doctor first before doing these exercises because there are other pregnant women with complications and thus they should just stay in bed and avoid too many movements for weeks or so.

For me, I go to you tube and look for safe warm up and yoga exercise which I do regularly to work out my body. Here are two videos that I recommend:

Pregnancy Exercise - Warm Up:

Pregnancy Exercises – Yoga

I also spend some time walking as advised by my doctor so the baby drops and then cervix starts to dilate (hopefully).

Having a regular exercise while pregnant prepares the body for easy labor and giving birth. It also helps pregnant women handle back ache, fatigue or even constipation with comfort. As for me, the feeling of being relaxed and energized after doing an exercise is a sort of relief from the heaviness and tiredness that I am bearing for months.

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38 Weeks And Counting

This is the point where my patience is being tested. My OB said, its normal for first time moms to reach up to 40 to 41 weeks before the baby comes out. I envy those mothers who gave birth on their 38 weeks because I can’t wait to see my baby.

At 38 weeks, I had my first Internal Exam with my OB. She said my cervix is still closed and I need to do more walking and exercise.  I also started working from home and I found it really boring. Im thinking of going back to work in the office next week after the long holiday but hubby would not allow me – but I would still insist. Let’s see what will happen next week because I am determined to tire myself out from walking before my next doctor’s visit.

Everything is ready except for my baby.  God knows when and my baby can decide whenever she is ready. J

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