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November 21, 2011

Giving Birth - My labor experience

Baby Aika - 12 days old 

Two weeks ago, I gave birth to my little Angel named Rieka Shaine Tamayosa also known as Baby Aika. After the delivery I got very busy taking care of her, trying hard to breastfeed her and all the adjustments in my sleeping and waking schedule. Motherhood is truly a wonderful sacrifice I’ve ever had.

It was November 7, 2011, 10:30 am when I was admitted to the hospital because I was 3cm dilated. At 12:00 noon, I was induced and was also given a Buscopan to soften my cervix. With my dextrose on, I still walk around the room so my tummy would drop off because the nurses said it was still so high. At 2:00 pm the resident doctor checked me and I was still 2cm dilated so my OB let me eat soft foods because they expect the baby to come out the next day or after midnight. At 6:00pm I was 6cm dilated and they sent me to the labor room.  I don’t really like it there because hubby can’t come with me inside to give me a massage so I have to do it myself. The nurses in the labor room were cool and we chat while I pause to do a deep breath in breath out every time the contraction attacks. The resident doctor checked me again at 7:15 pm and said that I was 8cm dilated. I asked the nurse to sedate me because the pain was so intense.   After the shot, I felt groggy and very sleepy. I slept for an hour and woke up in every contractions but it was mixed feelings of pain and being groggy.  At 8:30pm, I found myself in the delivery room and saw my OB with the resident doctor. They said I was 10cm dilated but I was curious what my OB was doing down there. She told me push every contraction but I can hear her saying that my cervix is coming along with baby’s head. So she’s doing something that’s really painful. I think she was pushing my cervix back so it won’t come out with baby’s head. That procedure lasted for almost 2 hours and then I heard my OB telling the nurses to do the preparations.  I was then asked to push again and then Baby’s out at 10:23 pm. I smiled after hearing my baby’s cry. I felt so relief and so happy especially when they gave my slimy baby to me J

1 day old
Baby Aika with my OB
When OB talked to hubby, she said she had a hard time because my baby’s arm was wrapped around her shoulder causing it to move the cervix with her every time I push.  The arm goes out with the head that’s why she needed to push back the cervix. It was ouchy but good thing I’m a good girl and I’m a good pusherJ. Also, the baby is just too big for me (6.8lbs, because I’m small) and I lost many blood just like having a c-section. But I’m glad I made it through NSD. And of course my OB was so cool and very good. Good job for both of us, and the nurses as well!

It was indeed a miracle. I still can’t believe I gave life to that little angel. I salute all the mothers because of the sacrifices and hardships of being pregnant, giving birth and raising a child. It was one thing I am so proud of and for me being a mom is a great achievement. 

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