February 14, 2012

Baptism Preparation Update

Planning for Aika's Baptism is not as easy as a snap of my finger :) But this could have been quick if only hubby and I have enough time to do the preparations together. With less than 20 days before Aikas Baptism Ceremony, I think we have done 50% so far. Here are the updates:

Church: Done (Shrine of Jesus, The Way The Truth and The Life )

Reception: Done, paid 50% (Shakeys, Blue Wave)

Invitations: Half done. I sent the link of her invitation thru email and facebook. Other guests who dont have access online will be given print copy and that we haven't done yet

Aika's Outfit: White dress and shoes for the ceremony - haven't bought yet
               Dress and shoes for reception - Done
               Other accessories - still looking/waiting

Contacting Sponsors/Guests: Done. Others have not confirmed yet, while the others can't come :(

Giveaways: Still searching for ideas

Tarpaulin: Done

Cake: Paid already

Balloons: Done with ideas and arrangements. Will have to buy more.

Van: Still on canvass

Need to buy home stuff for my visitors, and make itinerary for family's vacation as well. I'm so looking forward to this day not only because of Aika's baptism but also because my family is coming and yes, they're complete :)

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nasan na po ang updates ng babtism? syangapala u are tagged! :P


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