About Me

I am basically a computer science graduate - who is a no good in hard core programming.  I have been working into different kinds of web work. For now I'm involving myself in the world of business - specifically manufacturing.  I Started from online advertising and marketing, product in-charge, graphics stuff (which made me a desperate graphic artist wannabe)... and so on.  My boss trained me well about the significance of using my imagination, dealing with the virtual industry and predicting what's on his mind. 

Working with unlimited stuff and no scope is crazy. But in the end, I realized that learning beyond my horizon is exciting and challenging. Writing is not my forte but I believe that blogging is fun! So I'm trying to engage myself in this area and enjoy sharing while gaining knowledge from other netizens.

I am a wife, an expectant mom and I work full time in Makati Office.  This blog will talk about anything that I encounter in my busy working days, my pleasurable vacation (wishful thinking), my virtual living and my journey to motherhood.  I might also share some topics that I want to learn around the web and hopefully (fingers crossed) I can contribute informative things for the readers.


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