Baby Aika's Wishlist

1. Clothes (pambahay or for going out): Size Large / 6 to 12 months (Aika grows so fast). 
     Dress: Size up to 12 months / or Large

2. Toys (for 4 Months +)

3. Shoes (hard or soft sole will do) Size 3-6 months would fit just right. Larger size is OK for future use.

4. Accessories: Hair bows with soft elastic band, bibs, hats..etc.

5. Feeding Bottles (Avent 9oz.)

6. Cloth Diapers (One Size fits all) and inserts

7. Cloth Diaper Wet Bags

What else? 
8.Milk? We are thinking of switching from Enfalac A+ to Enfalac Regular because of DHA/ARA issue.
Disposble Diaper? YES we still  use that at night - Huggies medium size

10. Last but not the least ---- YOURSELF. Who would want to be in this kind of event without any guests?


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